Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Back!

Okay, so I have been a horrible blogger lately. But it is for a good reason. I finally feel like I'm getting the hang of 4 little ones. Hannah is getting more independent which is due to her new found freedom in mobility. She just waddles around the house. Since I am only nursing her 3 times a day now, I am not sitting and feeding her all day and not on the computer as much. Sometimes all I have is a minute, which is not enough to post pictures and write. But I am more productive around the house now.

We are officially starting school next week so today we did a run through of my new schedule I wrote up last night. I posted it on the fridge and Austin really did great with it. At the designated Snack/Break time I told them after snack they could have playtime and Austin was concerned because the schedule didn't say 'Playtime.' I'm really excited about this school year now. The hardest thing is going to be keeping Jacob and Hannah cooperative when I need them to be.

Our backyard is almost done!!! The wall is up and reinforced; just a few more bolts and we are ready for dirt! Lots of it. My life is going to be SOOO much better when I can just let the kids go outside and play and see them from inside and not be baking in the sun.

Interesting things going on with the kids right now:

Hannah has two bottom teeth in and one top one coming in and the other cutting through. So cute.

Austin is teething, too. He has his second permanent tooth coming in, but he still has only lost one tooth. The tooth will not let go! It looks like a shark with all those rows of teeth. It's bound to come out soon.

Austin, Kendal, and Jacob will be playing soccer this Fall! My life is about to get busy.