Friday, January 30, 2009

Tornado in a Bottle

Today the kids made a Tornado in a bottle. We had to do this since we actually had soda bottles handy. I remember doing this when I was little, but with 2 attached together. Here Austin and Kendal are surveying our supplies:
3 bottles, dish soap, tiny aluminum foil balls, water, blue food coloring dye
One cute baby
One handsome little man
Equals lots of swirling fun!
She also made a tornado dance up...
Hmm... his teeth look awfully blue. Caught ya!
My sweet girls
One proud dude
We never did get them working the way I thought they would, but we had fun. We learned that tornados swirl clockwise, and things that are on the bottom (the ground) will lift up and swirl around. We kept it simple.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

This is going around on Facebook, so I thought I would post it on here, too.

1. I was born in California and lived there until I was 15. I prefer the South.

2. I married my high school sweetheart, Barry, who is the best husband ever!

3. We were engaged for 4 days.

4. When I make a sandwich, I don't like the mustard to touch the cheese.

5. I have a fear of fresh water sharks.

6. I was high school valedictorian and didn't make my first B until I took Physics my sophomore year in college.

7. I went to 3 major universities and never earned a degree. I couldn't ever decide what I wanted to be. I suppose its because I just wanted to be a mommy.

8. I have always wanted a big family, like the Duggars big.

9. I have been pregnant or nursing for almost 7 straight years.

10. I had my last baby sans drugs. Not sure if I would opt for that one again.

11. I really like thunderstorms. It's relaxing in a way.

12. I cut my own hair.

13. I enjoy 'strategic shopping.' It can be really addicting to walk out of CVS with $60 worth of stuff and pay like $1 out of pocket. 

14. I get nervous talking to people I don't know.

15. I do not like to be cold.

16. I do not own a pair of shorts.

17. I do not like anyone to do my dishes. I have a system. I like to wash them before I put them in the dishwasher, and there are designated spots for each type of dish.

18. I am not a very good cook. So, if I ever bring you a meal, be glad it's a frozen lasagna. You don't want something I made.

19. I am a sucker for any type of historic film. If they are dressed old fashioned and speaking in accents, I'll watch it.

20. Any type of accent I try to make always ends up sounding like a pirate. Arrrg! (Can you tell I'm running out of things... Barry is laughing at that one.)

21. I would love to live on a farm and be self-sufficient.

22. I can water ski. My parents had me in skis when I was 4.

23. I can't stand the smell of sunscreen.

24. I am a procrastinator and am usually late for things.

25. Instead of a lemonade stand when I was little, I had a golf ball stand. I would find all the golf balls that were hit in the bushes and stream, clean them up, and resell them.

So, join in the fun and make a list if you haven't yet!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweet Hannah Reese

I cannot believe she is 6 months old today! Time has flown by, and I still have not figured out life with 4 little ones. Hopefully by the time she is 1 I will. I was playing with the camera yesterday so I could be ready for a photo shoot today, but it just didn't happen today. Glad I took some yesterday. I thought this one was cute. She really loves those beads. 

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Whole New World

So first I want to thank everyone for prayers for little Andrew. He was sent home that night and Holly was so happy to have him safe and in her arms. 

Next, Barry and I finally joined Facebook. I know, I know, we are way behind on that. Can I tell you how awesome that is?! I've gotten in touch with people that I haven't talked to in years. One particular friend that I lost touch with I was just praying that God would bring her back in my life. I love how creative He is with answering my prayers.

So, today I turned 28. I have had a great day. Sweet Kendal has been saying that its her birthday. I truly thought she was just pretending until she asked me why everyone kept telling me happy birthday when it was her birthday. She had a crushed look on her face. Poor girl...

I have been in a silly mood lately and thought I would share some of my silliness with you:

I found what I want for my birthday. I heard it was a real hot item this past Christmas. Check it out here.

And with that I will leave you with a love song here. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Please Pray

For those who don't know about my neighbor, Andrew, he has been battling Leukemia. He and his parents, Don and Holly, have all caught a violent stomach bug going around. Holly's concern is that his line got torn and he is in the hospital right now. She does not want him to get an infection from the tear which could kill him. Please pray for him to be alright and come home. They can't be with him right now since they are sick and don't want to risk the other children with compromised immune systems in Children's catching it. Holly was hospitalized for it last night. 

Friday, January 16, 2009


Every year in January our church does a 21 day fast. We also follow the One Year Bible and have recently just read about Jacob and Esau. Barry said something the other day that is so simple and so obvious, but really hit home to me. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a meal. Barry has been fasting food and can relate to being truly hungry. The first day was rough, but once he made it past that he has been fine. Does he want food? Yes. Is he willing to sell what God has in store for him or wants to show him for a meal? No. Fasting or not, what am I selling away to feed my flesh? Some good quality time with God for a little extra sleep in the morning? The list could go on. I don't want to be like Esau, but if I really take a closer look at myself I can see how I have given myself what I want instead of doing something God's way. Its really neat how God works. I don't know how many times Barry and I have read that story, and we still got something new and relevant out of it. 

"For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." ~Hebrews 4:12

Tikki Tikki Tembo

There are certain children's books that after reading I have to ask, "Why?" This one is no exception. As with all books and tv shows that fall into this category, like Teletubbies and 'Love You Forever' (Yes, I think this book is slightly disturbing. It is sweet and makes me tear up, but when the mom sneaks into her grown son's room and rocks him, you must agree its a little on the creepy side), the kids LOVE them! I was getting them together for our afternoon story time and they begged for our recent pick from the library, 'Tikki Tikki Tembo' or as Jacob says, 'Tippi Tippi Pumbo'. Sure, its a little humorous, but I wonder if it is offensive to the Chinese. The back of the book says it was printed in China. I suppose they would have said something at the printing press if they didn't like it. (Or just printed it with lead paint...) I feel really bad for the younger son, Chang. Anyway, you can tell I don't get out of the house much. Which leads me to my next topic...

Since it is currently below freezing, we stayed home today. I thought it was strange that Austin was playing dolls with Kendal. What I noticed he was playing with was even stranger.
Yes, that is a Yoda Pez dispenser in Snow White's gown. Oh, too much fun...

Friday, January 9, 2009


Here are my awesome trips to CVS this week. For those who have not entered into the world of strategic shopping, you probably think I am crazy for getting excited over toilet paper and toothpaste. But, now that I know the tricks, I would be crazy to actually pay for them.

Saturday night I got:
2 bottles of Pantene
2 tubes of Crest Whitening Expressions
1 bottle of Tide
1 Shick Quattro razor
1 tube of Colgate Total 
Grand total of $1.18 and earned 10 ECBs

Monday I went back for the new weeks sales:
1 bottle of Palmolive
1 8-pack of Energizer AA batteries
1 20 roll pack of Cottonelle toilet paper
Grand total of $0.18 and earned 4 ECBs

I still have 6.99 in ECBs I earned from the Christmas sale. What a blessing this has been for our budget. Publix has been great for saving on groceries. If anyone else has some great money saving tips, I will gladly welcome them.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


So, anyone who has been to my house knows I love pictures of my kiddos. I can think of nothing better that I would want to look at hanging on my walls. (Well, their artwork would be neat, but right now snakes and potato people are more kitchen quality.) So, last spring we rearranged the furniture in the living room and that meant all the pictures had to be moved also. At the time I just literally grabbed frames and placed them wherever just to get them up and keep from getting broken. Well, Barry was out late last night so I thought I would tackle that project. I put new pictures in some of the frames, which always makes me sad to take one out, but I need to put some of Jacob and Hannah in the room. Well, I usually have Barry with me when I do things like this for some feedback. Not the case last night. I may have gotten a little carried away. I literally covered an ENTIRE wall with pictures. It makes quite a statement. I like it; Barry said he likes it. I suppose that should be all I care about, but I wonder if it is a bit much. I should post a pic on here of it, but I'm too lazy for that right now, plus I'm a bit tied down with Hannah (I really want to start calling her Hannah Reese) at the moment. Any Interior Decorators or those like me who enjoy this kind of stuff have an opinion? It's probably something you have to see. Anyway, enough rambling...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Looking back and looking forward....

At the start of a new year people like to evaluate the past and dream for the future. Well, I'm not a big New Year's fan, but I am excited about 2009. God did some amazing things for Sarah and I in 2008, and I'm looking forward to seeing what He's got planned for us next year. I know this sounds cliche, but I really just want to continue to grow closer to Him in 2009. At the end of 2008 God showed me twice that He cares even about little things in my life.

Right about the end of November/first of December the dreaded "Check Engine" light came on in my Explorer. I worried about this for a couple of weeks, I even asked a couple of people where they thought I should take the car in. The thing I didn't do was ask God for help, until one morning during my devotional time. I literally just prayed that God would help me decide what to do with my truck. That very night on my way home from work the light went off, and it's been off ever since. I was so excited I begin saying Thank You out loud, which was interesting because I was on the phone with my cousin.

The same week that the Check Engine light went off I also prayed to God for a Christmas present. Now before you start thinking I was sitting here rattling off my wish list to God let me explain a bit. Sarah and I had already agreed that she was getting me an Iphone and I was getting her an elliptical machine and that was going to be all we would get each other. Sarah had already mentioned wanting to borrow my ipod so she could listen to some tunes while working out. Well, at that point I knew I was also going to get her an ipod for Christmas also. Fresh off of God fixing my car I thought I would take this to Him. I asked Him where would be the cheapest place I could get an ipod for Sarah. Wouldn't you know that very next Friday at my company Christmas party I won a brand, new 8gb ipod nano, which is exactly what I was going to get for Sarah.

So, back to my original point which is that my goal for 2009 is to grow closer to God. Not only in typical "churchy" (is that a word?) ways, but in everyday life. He's already showing me He cares about little things and that He definitely can be trusted to provide for all my needs. Now, it also appears that He is bringing me some new opportunities and challenges for 2009. However, more than anything I want to please Him. He's done so much for me in my life (that I do and don't know about), I just want to give Him everything I have, and to daily grow closer to Him. I pray that God blesses each of you and shows you personally how much He loves you and He wants to be in your life. Happy New Year!