Friday, February 20, 2009

Milk Jugs and Space Travelers

My day started pretty good. I got to sleep in until 6:30! Hannah slept through the night and woke up happy and entertained herself in her crib. We had breakfast with Daddy then after a quick clean up, everyone got dressed and started our day. After our regular math and handwriting lessons, we put to use the empty milk jugs I've been collecting. We made space helmets! My little space explorers colored them, put them on and jumped into their space rockets. They had a blast! I was a little upset that my camera battery died when we started this project, but they loved them so much that when the camera had some juice in it they were still playing with their space gear. Here's some shots of my space explorers:

It really amazes me how these kids can fit themselves into things
These two have been hilarious with their pretending
Excited to see daddy!
Laughing at everyone
In their space rockets
Space Princess
Space Bad Guy
He has been wearing it ALL day, during dinner, and wanted to take a bath in it
I found this picture on the camera that I forgot about and thought it was hilarious!
So that was our day. I am currently potty training Jacob. He is doing pretty good with it. He just doesn't ever run to the potty on his own; I have to remind him and take him. Baby steps...

Well, Hannah is done eating and asleep, the kids are bathed and we are about to play a game for Family Fun Night!

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annieck said...

How fun!!! Very creative. :)
Way to go on the potty training. I am super impressed!!! :)