Tuesday, February 17, 2009

There's A Party In My Tummy

Did I mention before how creative God is on blessing us? We have had a gallon of Dreamland BBQ sauce sitting in our fridge left over from a luncheon at church. I've been looking at it trying to figure out how we are going to use it, not wanting to throw it out. But a GALLON! That's a lot. Last week I got an email asking if anyone would be interested in free chicken. Someone knows someone who has a restaurant chain and over bought and can't use it in time. There were several boxes of chicken and I was blessed with one. TWENTY POUNDS of frozen chicken breasts already sliced into strips. Can you guess how I am using that BBQ sauce now? We had some hamburger buns left over that I had froze. They have since been defrosted and consumed in the form of chicken BBQ sandwiches. Meals now are revolving around that chicken. I had some frozen broccoli, some penne pasta noodles, all I needed was a jar of alfredo sauce, add some of the chicken and voila, dinner is served for about $2. We also have chicken quesadillas and chicken salad on the menu. 

Anyone have any EASY recipes for chicken they would like to share?

Chicken. Yeah!
In my tummy.
Party, party. Yeah.
In my tummy.

Yeah. There's a party in my tummy.
So yummy. So yummy!


The Hairston's said...

Youre so funny!! Sounds good! We like chicken. What time would you like for us to come over for dinner? =)

annieck said...

That's AWESOME! You guys are just so great, everyone wants to bless you! :) Yea for you guys! :):):):)

Rachael said...

That does sound so yummy! Somebody likes Yo Gabba Gabba, huh?! LOL! You could use some of that chicken to make your DELICIOUS chicken salad...and I wouldn't complain if you sent me some. Ha ha ha! :)

Mandy Smith Photography said...

When I first read your post title I thought you were pregnant!!! Yeah, I 'll take some chicken too. Send it over;)