Monday, April 27, 2009

The little memories

It seems like at the dinner table these days, we end up sharing stories and little sayings that the kids use to say. They crack up laughing at them, and they always seem to refer to "when I was three." This is especially funny when 2 year old Jacob gets in on the action. Sometimes I try to document the important dates - Christmases, Easters and birthdays - making sure I got the pictures I needed. Really, though, its the little things that I don't want to forget; the everyday things they are doing that will soon turn into "remember whens." So, here are a few of them:


Use to play with my egg separater in the bathtub and wave it saying "Poo Ki Ki!"

Instead of saying "Uh oh, spaghetti O's!" said "Uh oh, spaghetti ghost!"

Called Frosted Mini Wheats "Coke" and I could pass them off as cookies to him.

He would call Kendal "Sweet the Pea."

"Creamy cheesy eggster, eggster, eggstersons!" - Not sure how that one started. I think that was a Daddy thing.

He really likes to clean the toilets these days.

We have this new thing now where I call him "kind sir" and he calls me "kind mommy."

Reading lesson time is now also called cuddle time.

When he was two he would say he was "Stimaman" instead of "Spiderman."

Barry liked to play a game with him called "Go Away Dark!"


When she was around 1 year old she use to rub her face on us when we were holding her like a cat.

These are not as funny unless you could actually hear her say them.

She would say in a low voice, "Hey baby!"

If you told her she had a little booty, she would say, "No, I got a big booty!"

Until just recently she would say girl - "gore."

She can definitely make a mess, but is a great cleaner upper.

Says she wants to be a mommy when she grows up.


We were eating corn on the cob and he was handed half of one, to which he replied he wanted a "mongous" one. He loves using that word now.

He likes to sing this sweet little song with the lyrics, "I love my daddy. I love my mommy. I love my cookie dough."

For a while he thought he was a race car and run around "shifting" gears.


When I pick her up, she starts gently squeezing the back of my arm. 

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