Saturday, April 25, 2009


Okay, so we are watching Wall E for the 20th time this week. Everyone but Austin and I have had a stomach bug, so tv time has been a lifesaver. So, back to Wall E. There's a part in the beginning where the cockroach climbs into a twinkie. My kids had no clue what it was. I told them, and somehow they thought the cockroach was called a twinkie, then wouldn't believe me when I explained what was what. So after watching the movie several times this week and hearing them laugh at the "twinkie" (cockroach) I did what I never thought I would do - I bought a box of twinkies. Maybe I should have left it alone, but the kids had no clue what a twinkie was! We all ate one at lunch today and they weren't overly impressed with them. Neither was I. I kept thinking I should have gone for the Swiss Cake Rolls. Mmmm...

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