Saturday, March 7, 2009

Family Fun Weekend

We have had a fun filled weekend for the Lanes. We were all out playing Friday afternoon when Barry came home early from work. That made my day! He had plans for Family Fun Night to go to the movies. So we cleaned everyone up (when they play outside, they PLAY), loaded them in the car and headed off. We had planned on going to a certain Mexican restaurant on the other side of town near the dollar theater only to find it gone, so we got out the iPhone and used Urban Spoon to find another one near by. Lets just say that just because 100% say they like it, doesn't make the food good. However, we secretly enjoyed watching the soap opera on Telemundo. (I'm not being silly either. Barry and I wanted to know what happened to the bride whose groom was smooching on someone else in the courtyard.) Then it was off to the movies to see Bolt, which was really good. I can't recall anything in it that was questionable. The dollar theater ROCKS! $4 for all of us to see a movie! (Jacob and Hannah were free.) 

Today started off great. Barry let me sleep in some and he made everyone breakfast. He's so sweet. Then we were off to the zoo. We thought about going to the science center, but since it was beautiful out we opted for something outside. So did the rest of the city. Here's some pictures of our day.

That last one is for you, Katie. Well, tomorrow is going to be just as busy. After church we are going to see a ballet of Sleeping Beauty featuring sisters from our church. Kendal is going to love it. Their Grammy got the girls new matching dresses the other day, so they are going to be all dressed up at the theater. I am now going to turn in because after pushing 2 kids around all day in a stroller, I am exhausted!

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