Monday, March 9, 2009

My Girls

Kendal had her dance pictures today. She looked so cute in her costumes. When we got there some of the moms were putting mascara and lipstick on their girls. I just don't want to start all that at 4. She already has told me recently that she is not beautiful and that Ariel is beautiful. She wants red hair so she can be beautiful like Ariel. She said it so seriously and sad that I wanted to cry. I need to make a point of building her up more now.

This first one they are tapping to E-I-E-I-O. The pigtails make it...
Here she is in her ballet costume. I wish I got a picture of her hair. It was so sweet all pulled up with little curls hanging loose.
Hannah on Sunday after watching The Sleeping Beauty ballet. She got her first bump on her noggin the other night when she pulled over a wrought iron candlestick onto her forehead. She is mobile and curious. Her crawl right now resembles that of an inch worm. Up on all fours, lunge forward, repeat...
I never got a chance Sunday to get the girls picture together in their matching dresses. There was another girl at the ballet wearing the same dress. She saw my girls and noticed the dresses and did not look very pleased. Somebody told me she thought the other child belong to us because she matched (and I have so many kids already, I'm sure.) You'd be surprised at the comments we get when we're out. "Are these all yours?" "You know what causes that." I even had someone tell me that we needed a tv in our bedroom! Well - Yes; We have it narrowed down and if its what we think think, we aren't stopping; We do have one.

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annieck said...

She looks PRECIOUS!!!
People are crazy. Seriously.