Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

We went to Atlanta for Spring Break to visit with Barry's aunt and uncle. I wish Barry could have gone with us, but it just wasn't possible with his current schedule. We have been in the habit of going to Atlanta every year, but it was always Atlanta's Spring Break. I thought that since we were going during B'ham's and not Atlanta's it wouldn't be so crowded; not the case. We got the City Pass and did it in 7 days.

FRIDAY: We went to the zoo. It was almost perfect weather. Every time I've been there it has been VERY warm. This time it was a little cool. It looked like it was going to rain all day. I suppose that kept others from venturing there because it was not crowded at all. My friend met up with us there with her son. The kids had a great time. They enjoyed petting the animals, watching the lion roar (the lion at our zoo is always sleeping just far enough away to where you can't see it, so this was neat), and playing on the playground in the children's area.

SATURDAY: We went to Fernbank. This is one of Austin's favorite places to go. They had a dinosaur exhibit there and the kids love the playrooms. No pictures. Sorry.

SUNDAY: To the Dollar Theater we went to see Bolt since it was raining out and we were trying to avoid downtown that day. There was a guy in the mall making balloon swords and flowers for the kids. They had a blast. There was a stage set up and all the boys were sword fighting and then there's Kendal in the midst of them skipping around with her flower. 

MONDAY: The Aquarium! This is the one place I was really looking forward to not being so crowded, but no such luck. Kendal's favorite part was when, "Billy swam in my mouth!" We saw the 4-D movie and the little fish, Billy, looked like it swam in her mouth. Here's Aunt Jenny and the kids petting the sting rays and sharks.
This is inside the shark tunnel where the kids are riding through the tank.

TUESDAY: Barry's cousin and her son came to play with us that afternoon. We headed off for a local park we had been to when Austin was a toddler. This is what we found instead: a new city hall with cute little shops surrounding a big grass field. After a few round of tackling each other we found another park. There was a trail that was next to the park. We thought the kids would enjoy that. ONE HOUR later we found our way back. 
WEDNESDAY: The CNN studio tour and The World of Coke. The CNN tour was interesting. They have an escalator that is 8 stories high. We ate lunch there then walked over to The World of Coke. The kids really enjoyed that. Here they are sitting on the American Idol couch.
In the tasting room:

THURSDAY: The High Museum of Art. So, we had a hard time finding the place and parking issues, but when we finally got there it was worth it. It was Toddler Thursday and they had an impressionist painting for them to look at in the gallery, there was someone to read them stories (we missed that), then they got to paint their own version of that piece using polka dots. It was really neat. I need to look into our art museum to see if they offer any programs for children. They also had an interactive play room for kids. I think Austin is an architect in the making.
No pictures please!
Hmm... I had more picture uploaded and now they are gone. More to come. Its my bedtime.

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