Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kid Quotes and The Election

On voting:

"Why can't they just put all the votes in two piles, and whoever's pile is the tallest wins."
~Austin 11-4-08

I am proud to say that I voted, with all 4 kids with me. The thought of bringing all of them stressed me out, then I thought more about it. They need to see me do this and feel like they were part of it. Praise the Lord, there was no line for L at all! They all proudly wore their "I Voted" stickers out of the courthouse.

Later that day while we are watching TV, Austin decides to become an Obama supporter (Austin doesn't like to lose). When we asked him why he likes Obama he tells us because he looks better. (He later explained that he liked his brown skin and short hair.) Okay, Barry likes Alabama, Austin announces he's an Auburn/Tennessee fan (I promise I didn't teach him to say that!); Barry likes the Cardinals, Austin roots for the Cubs. I see the trend here. It's kinda cute for him to form his opinion and in the process see Barry squirm. However, it is not so cute when he tells people he voted for Obama (people at Bible study!) I am very much against abortion and in no way would support someone who does not value life, even in the earliest stages.

After another evening of our little Obama supporter, it was getting old. Barry and I sat down with him and explained to him that we don't vote for someone based on how they look. We vote for the person that thinks most like us and will stand up for what the Bible says. After a few questions he states, "We can just give Obama a Bible so he can have better plans." I love it!

When I was praying with him last night he looked at me and reminded me to pray for Obama.

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