Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun

Friday we had some Thanksgiving fun at a friends house. Several of our homeschooling friends brought their kids over and we made Indian hats, vests and necklaces. Here's a picture of Kendal stringing her noodles.
After all the crafts were done, they put on all their creations and each one of them told what they were thankful for. The older ones had written up some pretty impressive lists and shared it with the group. Austin volunteered to go first and was obviously a little confused about what we were doing. He thought he was supposed to be telling everyone a story and started into his recently thought up one titled, "The Chicken and the Snake." You can see how that one ends.

Here's Austin telling everyone what he is thankful for... Me!

Here's the group acting like Indians.
To end all the festivities, the kids gathered around and ate some Friendship Soup. Everyone brought a can of vegetables and we poured them all together and enjoyed with some cornbread. It surprisingly was very delicious.


Pam Martin said...

You homeschool moms are the best! Kids learning about history and having fun. This is inspiring.

About Me said...

Hey... I know those kids!