Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mondays (Yes, I know today is Tuesday)

Mondays are a little stressful for me lately. For whatever reason I like to go grocery shopping on that day. I find that if I have designated a day for that then I am less likely to go twice during the week and spend more money.

Yes, I actually enjoy going grocery shopping. I love Target. If you ask where I got something 99% of the time the answer will be Target. I can get EVERYTHING I need from there. Yummy food, they got it; cool toys, they got it; clothes for the whole family, that's right, they got it. We have a routine down there - I wear Hannah in the sling, Jacob rides in the cart, and Austin and Kendal each have their own side of the cart they ride on while eating the popcorn and drink we get from the cafe ($1.50 to have a peaceful trip, well worth every penny).

SO, I recently have been trying to save money on our groceries. I usually spend $100 a week there and that is if I am only getting food. My new goal is to only spend $50 a week and that means I have to break my Target addiction. (Yes, I am still having withdrawals.) So, last week I actually achieved my goal at Publix. I only spent $47! (This week was not as impressive.) HOWEVER, it was really stressful with all 4 kids. We are out of our routine. No popcorn, no drink. They enjoyed pulling the coupons out of all the little coupon machines a little too much. Then while putting the kids in the van, my cart makes a mad dash down the parking lot heading straight for a busy road with nothing to stop it. It's amazing what adrenaline will do for you.

After getting home and all the groceries up, I clean the house because its Small Group night and we have 10+ kids over with a babysitter while we go to that. Cleaning is easier said than done with all of them making messes faster than I can clean them. Last Monday Austin must have sensed I needed some help, little did he know that I needed the laugh more...

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annieck said...

Bless your heart! Shopping with two is tough, so I really admire you shopping with four. :)
I'm excited for you and your new frugal shopping. It's so exciting, especially at first (for me, anyway). I used to never shop at Publix because I thought it was more expensive, but now it's just about the only place I shop. They really do have GREAT deals! :) Soon you'll be saying "Target who?"
Oh! And if you want to please the kids, you can go over to the bakery for a free cookie. They'll love that!