Friday, January 9, 2009


Here are my awesome trips to CVS this week. For those who have not entered into the world of strategic shopping, you probably think I am crazy for getting excited over toilet paper and toothpaste. But, now that I know the tricks, I would be crazy to actually pay for them.

Saturday night I got:
2 bottles of Pantene
2 tubes of Crest Whitening Expressions
1 bottle of Tide
1 Shick Quattro razor
1 tube of Colgate Total 
Grand total of $1.18 and earned 10 ECBs

Monday I went back for the new weeks sales:
1 bottle of Palmolive
1 8-pack of Energizer AA batteries
1 20 roll pack of Cottonelle toilet paper
Grand total of $0.18 and earned 4 ECBs

I still have 6.99 in ECBs I earned from the Christmas sale. What a blessing this has been for our budget. Publix has been great for saving on groceries. If anyone else has some great money saving tips, I will gladly welcome them.

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